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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I draw semidecent arts.
My end goal is to some day be able to live comfortably off my artistic skills.

I take request for character drawings. be aware these are subject to my sense of humour.
Just send me a Note!


I'll do portraits or full body images.
If your request really inspires me then maybe something extra.

Just be warned I might take some "artistic liberties". 
  • Listening to: stock scream sounds effects
  • Eating: The souls of the dammed
Sheet monkey

Anomaly #-A1

    1.    Artistic representation of Anomaly #-A1.


    2.    Underside of #-A1 skin covering. What was once thought to be blood vessels were discovered to be nerve cells.


    3.    #-A1’ head without enveloping skin covering. Note the deep-set eyes and presence of a jaw structure, but lack of a visible mouth opening. The specimen was heavily stained at time of capture, indicating it had survived for some time.


    4.    When stressed or excited, anomaly #-A1 secretes pure elemental bromine from pores in its face and claws. This quickly vaporizes and can pose a health risk.


    5.    The claws of Anomaly #-A1.  Bromine is secreted through the claws, but at a much lesser rate.



The anomaly stands at 129 cm tall, with an arm span of 142 cm, and weight of  kg. The anomaly’s anatomy superficially resembles that of an arboreal primate. The creature possesses a head crest and a structure resembling a fused beak.


The most notable feature of #-A1 is the cloth-like covering over its entire body. The covering is structurally and chemically identical to the synthetic polymer, elastane or spandex. The purpose of this covering is unclear, as it provides little protection from the elements and blocks eyesight, rendering the creature blind.  The inside of the covering is covered in nerve cells: leading to the speculation the that it is some kind of sensory organ.


Anomalous Qualities:

The most prevalent anomaly is the creature’s ability to produce pure liquid bromine from pores in its beak and claws. How #-A1 is able to create the bromine is unknown. It is presumed that the anomaly uses this ability to incapacitate or kill its prey. However, while bromine is corrosive in both its fluid and gaseous state, it is not toxic enough to kill most prey quickly. To make up for this the creature will often attempt to drag prey items into enclosed spaces such as caves. In such spaces, the bromine vapors build to dangerous levels.


The anomaly does not need to consume any material to sustain itself. The creature’s cells contain  which emit weak gamma energy which seem to provide it with energy. However, the anomaly seems compelled to hunt and attempt to consume prey animals. It will tear open the prey’s chest cavity and “peck” around inside.


Dangers posed to humans and the environment:

During attempts to capture anomaly #-A1, the creature behaved extremely aggressive to personnel and staff. Several members of the capture team suffered severe injuries and acute bromine poisoning. The creature was immune to all forms of sedatives and capturing it alive proved impossible. Following the disappearance of  small children in the area, the orders were given to terminate the creature. On June 11, 1970, the capture team successful killed and retrieved the specimen, after following it to a small cave.


Chemical analyse of the creature’s flesh, bones, and organs revealed it to contain the anomalous Halogen, ██████. The effects of ██████ on organic life, while currently not understood, include ██████ of genetic material, ██████, ████ into ███ life forms and death. ██████ readily forms compounds with all elements, except Xenon and Radon. In the event of any ██████ detected in the water or soil of an area, operation Detox is to be carried out.

Heres a fun little Creature I thought up. It's a bit of a bootlegged SCP knock off(SQP if you may). I might make more.

I take requests and enjoy the challenge so please if there's any thing you want me to draw Just send a note!

Yuri (dream character)
So this is a character who showed up in my dreams after a particularly long Ghost in the shell binge. 
The basic idea of her is that The only organic part of her is her brain and face. She replaced her body a child android (not sure if I did a good job of representing that here) rather then an adult body. In my dream she was like a Yakuza boss and was utterly ruthless..
the most notable features I remember is that she had a pale face and bright lime green, cheap wig looking hair. 
Under the Chitin Moon
And here we see some cultists after a hard night of partying and are NOT about to be consumed by unspeakable horrors.

I take requests for simple character drawings (with colour). Just send me a note and a reference!


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