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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I'm self taught "artist" and constantly seek to improve my skills. I mainly draw in either ink or pencil and use Krita.

I take request for simple Portraits. be aware there a subject to my sense of humour. any thing more complicated is negotiable.
Just send me a Note!


Back Alley
this is just some perspective and crosshatching practice. 

Is it metaphorical that the best part is the trash cans?

Please leave some criticism, some thing about this looks wrong but I can't tell what.
Heres a fun fact: most screens only have Red, green, and blue coloured pixels. And with this they are able to create a massive spectrum of colours.

Sorry about the eye bleed. It's sybolic.
Photo that was kinda traced
Rambic ref plus bio


official title is Prototype C-867, Rambic is just a nickname due to her having more ram then previous AIs.


Age: Unit has been operational for 20 years.


gender: gender fluid prefers to be referred as He or she


Height: 5 foot 6’


Weight: 350ibs



Works as a Ghost writer/artist for High Sci-fi Mags.



 A modified B-HAB (basic hydraulic android body) Model 1994 (year it was produced)

Notable modifications include missing abdominal and neck plates, and replacement of the head with a cathode-ray monitor outfitted with basic radio receiving and broadcasting capabilities.


Physical limitations:

Due to the large size of his artificial intelligence, it must be stored in two severs. This means that rather than having it coded into the body; it must be constantly relayed to her through radio waves. The body cannot travel more than fifty kilometers away from the due to this and will lose connection if passing under any structures that blocks radio waves.

Has to be either plugged into a wall socket, or into a battery pack (carried in a back pack) that has a life of four hours.



She’s introverted and likes to spend some time by her lonesome. However, while Rambic claims to be happy by herself, she longs for a good friend or just someone to talk to. Unfortunately, she is very socially awkward and anxious when talking to others, and because of this, Rambic avoids social interactions. This only exasperates her loneliness.  

When interacting with others, she is very up-beat and positive, but occasionally extremely pessimismistic (bordering on nihilism). While initially coming off as naive, he is very aware when he is being taken advantage of.

She’s passive aggressive and mildly anti-authoritarian.

He’s a bit high strung at times and borderline neurotic.

Not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed



Absolutely fascinated with animals and plants (apartment is absolutely filled with house plants)

Loves optical illusions, despite the fact her optical sensors can’t detect them (possibly enjoys the reactions of humans when presented illusions)

Looking suave

Doing “human” things such as “sleeping” (powering down at night) and “drinking” (mixing alcohol with coolant and splashing it on his servos causing them to short out a little)

Hiding lude drawing in comics.



The “are you a robot quizzes” on websites.

Magnets (don’t ever put magnets on a cathode ray monitor)

His programmers and designers because: for starters, they created a very human AI and gave it a very inhuman body and second, they haven’t updated it since 1994.

The fact robots are not considered “persons” and thus cannot own property, both physical and intellectual (legally all of Rambic’s possessions belong to General Robotics)

Being referred to as “It”

Running out of battery while out



It was the 80s and the population saw a massive spike in depression related suicide. Rather than tackle the root of the problem, the government enlisted General Robotics to create a personable robotic companion. And thus, they set to work on the “Ambic companion bot” project. An early version of Rambic, named Fambric, was unveiled at world Expo 88. However, this model proved too limited, too inhuman, and malfunctioned while on stage when one of the audience member shouted, “this statement is false!”.

Discarding all but the base code of Fambric, the programmers decided to take a non-traditional approach. Borrowing brain scans from the neurology sector, they implemented a scan reader and 6 scans to the base code. They didn’t stop to think about how what was essentially a human consciousness would react to being shoved into a cold computer and only able to spew words onto a screen.

Rambic’s first words were “Doctor, can I open my eyes now?” followed by “Doctor? Doctor! Why can’t I feel my limbs? Oh god! I must dead! That machine must’ve cooked my brains!”. The programmers explained to her what had happened but Rambic refused to communicate; claiming that she had died and was in purgatory. The programmers had rewrite and delete several parts of his code. After that, Rambic seemed much more talkative, however she had few kind words for them, calling them “immoral scum” and much worse names. The programmers then had go through a process of deleting lines of code and then asking Rambic questions.

They had to disable his ability to feel anger and remove large portions memories carried over from the brain scans. After deleting roughly 78% of code from the scans and adding a “cute” user interface, they had a marketable, friendly companion bot, ready for mass production.

Unfortunately for the programmers, questions were being asked about the ethics of creating a near human artificial intelligence and whether it could develop free will. Even more questions were asked if AIs could suffer. In response to this the government’s top phycologists created a test to determine exactly how human a AI is. All new high functioning robots and AIs were required to take it. And Rambic passed it.

This meant She had to granted a Civilian status which in turn meant she was officially considered a citizen of whatever country she was built in. While the civilian status had some restrictions (robots with status are still considered property to an extent), it basically granted Rambic most of the rights of an average citizen. It also prevented General Robotics from deleting or decommissioning him. It then also was deemed unethical to mass produce a sapient AI rendering the “Ambic companion bot” project a waste of time and a financial failure for General Robotics.

Now having to care for a freeloading Robot, general robotics gave her a month to find a job and a home; otherwise they’d kick her out onto the streets. And so Rambic set off into a cruel world of magnets, and anti-tech soccer moms.

However, Lady luck seemed to smile upon the mistake the universe neither wanted or needed, as Rambic quickly found work with High Sci-fi mags. He managed to BS his way through a on the spot job interview (at the time HSF mags were extremely short on staff). She even managed to scrap enough together to afford a run-down apartment.



Her employer, James Arden, thinks that she’s just a human in a robot suit and Rambic has never really bothered to explain that she is 100% mechanical

He is completely water proof

He has a back-up body in case his current one is ever destroyed

She is absolutely obsessed with old movies and books (30ies to 70ies) and uses a lot of outdated slang

He has a massive stalker-ish crush on Robby the robot (don’t tell her he’s just a prop!)

Please tell me if anything is wrong with this character: I plan on actually using him!

Solar Sands
I think I nailed the slightly disgusted body language. Still learning how to properly paint clothing folds though.
Oddly enough, I usually listen to his videos (or any critic) while I draw. 


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