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Old man Rutherford OC

Old man Rutherford

The man who never stopped following his dreams.


Name: John “Johnny” Rutherford. Stage name is Old-Man Rutherford.


Age: 71


Nationality: British


Relations: Anna Rutherford (wife), Stephan Rutherford (son), Joseph Bird (son in law)


Height: 1.5 meters (5’5”)


Personality: soft spoken but not shy. He is a little quiet in conversations. After opening up to someone they find he is extremely comedic and has a crude sense of humour.

Takes on a stage persona of an over-the-top, bitter old man; who’s catch phases is “These kids these days!”


Music style: old school British punk rock with a heavy hand of comedy and parody.



Playing the Guitar

Writing songs

Enjoys making people laugh




office or desk jobs and paperwork

Any form of Celebrity worship

teen pop groups (he finds them far too corporate)

He considers auto tune the work of the devil

While he personally dislikes synthesized or computer generated music, he respects it as an art-form



History: In his youth, young man Rutherford, or Johnny as he’s called by his friends, was the lead guitarist and vocalist in a small garage punk rock band called Juvenoia. He had dreams of becoming a successful punk rock-star, for he was at his most happy when rocking out.
However, under increasing pressure from his parents and fearing financial failure, Jonny was forced to leave the band to pursue a career in accounting. While getting his bachelors, he met the love of his life, Anna. They dated for three years before settling down together. Rutherford soon found work as an accountant. He soon realized that he absolutely hated being stuck at a desk, but with an expecting wife to support so he grinned and bore it; Besides it was what he studied for. He often joked that he could feel his job “draining his youth”.
Soon before he knew it he was over 60 and attending his son’s wedding. Shortly after that he retired from accounting and soon found himself with more time then he knew what to do with. Concerned with her husband’s inactivity and annoyed with his complaining, Anna dug Rutherford’s old electric guitar. He used to serenade her with it when they were dating. After a few fumbling attempts, Rutherford soon remembered how to play. He created a joke songs for Anna: she found them hilarious and egged him to play for a larger audience.
Eventually he caved and preformed for Doxy Comedy bar. Rutherford was immediately popular and soon became a regular performer. One faithful day, an overworked talent scout chanced to stop by and heard Rutherford’s performance. After the show the he quickly approached Rutherford and begged him to record a few songs. While initially apprehensive, he quickly agreed after hearing how much he would be paid.
His first album “The Reaper Can’t catch Me” topped the charts for days on end. He gained more fame when preforming for a charity concert to support cardiac research. What really sold his performance was Rutherford faked a heart attack on stage. After this his success soared. A few of his notable works are his hit singles “back in my days” and “I want Grandchildren”, and his most recent album “Punk rock for seniors”.


Misc.: he doesn’t need a walker, it’s just a prop for him to pose with.

He takes his wedding ring off for his performances to fit the persona.

His son, Stephen, secretly disapproves of Rutherford’s music career.


I have no idea what I'm going to do with this character. It was just a fun idea for a design and backstory.
Am I doing this "Original character" thing right?

feel free to ask any questions about the character and please leave some criticism.
Charjabug trainer
I can't be the only one to imagine this is how trainers fight with charajabugs.

sorry about the Chinese bootlegged quality: this was something I quickly put together.

Pokemon belongs to game Freak which in turns belongs to nintendo.
That's right! I'm making a comic. I know I've only been on DA for a Month or so; but it has been some thing I've wanted to do for a long time. It will be a 40ties style super hero action comic book. The story will fallow a villain and his crew of hired mercenaries. Together they will cause all sorts of shanangins and misfit. I want the interduction the main character to be a surprise, so don't expect a bio sheet. All I'm going to is he's up to something fishy all right. This will be the first time I've ever written some thing like this, so there's a high possibility it will be complete garbage. Will it be absolute trash? Will it be cringey? Is there a possibility I'll abandon this project like a box of puppies in an alley way? Tune some time in the distant future and find out!
  • Reading: Detetive Comics (1937)


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hello. I'm self taught "artist" and constantly seek to improve my skills. I mainly draw in either ink or pencil. I also dabble in french beading and polymer clay.


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